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Dentures and Full Mouth Reconstructions

Restoring Your Smile

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Full Dentures
and Partial Dentures

We understand that having missing teeth can be emotionally difficult, and we have multiple options for both partial and full-mouth reconstructions to give you your confidence and smile back.  


Partial dentures provide an economical option when a number of teeth have been lost, but there are still some teeth remaining. Partial dentures are custom-made removable appliances that replace multiple missing teeth. In addition to restoring your smile and improving your ability to eat, partial dentures also provide support to the remaining teeth and your jaw. 


Conventional dentures are full dentures that seat onto the gum tissue and are removable. While conventional dentures can provide a great esthetic result for replacing missing teeth, their chewing function is limited. Compared to natural teeth, conventional dentures only provide 16% chewing function.

What Are Other Options?

Dental implants can be used to help provide support and stability underneath dentures, improving retention and chewing function.  There are multiple ways that implants can be used for full mouth reconstructions.


The first option is implant-overdentures. These are dentures that clip onto dental implants. This provides increased chewing function (about 66% chewing function compared to natural teeth). Implant-overdentures are still removable and can be taken out for cleaning.

Another alternative to conventional dentures is a product that is referred to as an “All-on-X.” With an All-on-X, an entire arch of teeth is permanently attached to a number of implants (usually 4-6 implants per arch).


By having the replacement teeth permanently fixed to implants, chewing function is almost as strong as with natural teeth (over 95% chewing function).


The All-on-X option is the best option we have for patients who need replacement of all their teeth. It provides the best esthetics and chewing function, allowing you to feel confident with your smile while also enjoying the same function and quality of life as you would have with natural teeth.

Call us today to discuss which tooth replacement option is best for you!


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